Current Lab Members

Barth Grant

Barth Grant, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Principal Investigator

Peter Schweinsberg

Peter Schweinsberg
Senior Laboratory Technician, Microparticle Bombardment Guru

Peter has a MS in Biological Sciences from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, as well as a BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a BM in Music Composition from the University of Michigan.

Lin Sun Lin Sun
Research Associate
  Anne Norris
Postdoctoral Fellow
  Adenrele (Dee) Akintobi
Graduate Student
  Ou Liu
Graduate Student
Zhiyong Bai
Graduate Student


  Riju Banerjee
Undergraduate Student (Rutgers)
Alexandra Murr Alexandra (Sasha) Murr
Undergraduate Student
  Jennifer Newcomb
Undergraduate Student (Visiting during summers from Boston Univ.)
  Kruti Patel
Undergraduate Student (Rutgers)
  Matt Zegarek
Undergraduate Student (Rutgers)

Former Lab Members

  Shabber Abbas
Zita Zita Balklava
Postdoctoral Fellow
Carlos Carlos Chih-Hsiung Chen
Graduate Student
  Murat Dinc
Paul André Fonarev

Paul André Fonarev
Junior Laboratory Technician

Paul graduated from Rutgers College in 2003 with BA's in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Cinema Studies. He is an avid experimental digital filmmaker and always enjoys a good book. He has an odd obsession with movies and volunteers for the New Jersey Film Festival.

Paul also dabbles with Adobe Photoshop, creating freehand drawings and the like which can be seen here.

Paul mainly works on developing C. elegans and H. sapiens expression vectors and focuses on the genes rme6 and rme8.

Saumya Pant Saumya Pant
Graduate Student
  Alla Sachko

Ken Sato
Visiting Scientist

Miyuki Miyuki Sato
Postdoctoral Fellow
Anbing Shi Anbing Shi
Graduate Student
  Luke Shieh
  Ayesha Siddiqui
  Sriram Sirisinahal
  Vanesa Figueroa Tanon
  Mike Tobin
  Shilpa Vashist